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Find what you need for men’s and women’s shot put, including gear for high school girls’ and boys’ events. Check out smaller shots—especially those made from iron—for beginners, or plastic shells for practice. For the more advanced thrower, brass or lathe-turned steel shots will maximize power and offer a competitive edge.

Lathe Turned Iron Shot Put - 4 kilo

Lathe Turned Iron Shot Put

$50.00 - $69.00

Our Turned Iron Shot Puts are specifically designed with the advanced thrower in mind. These cast iron shots are lathe turned to meet size specifications and come in bold colors - and right on budget - for your next championship performance. (Colors may vary).

Lathe Turned Steel Shot Put - 4 kilo

Lathe Turned Steel Shot Put

$89.00 - $102.00

Advanced competitors can trust the Lathe Turned Steel Shot Put for stability and balance at their next meet. Our lathe turning process ensures specific weight and diameter requirements are met – and with a variety of colors, you will always stand out from the crowd. (Colors may vary).

Stainless Steel Shot Put - 4 kilo

Stainless Steel Shot Put

$120.00 - $155.00

Lathe turned for a precise weight and shape and polished for performance, our Stainless Steel Shot Puts are designed to help you maintain balance and stability all season long.

Brass Shot Put - 12 lbs

Brass Shot Put

$125.00 - $150.00

Our Brass Shot Put's machine finish delivers a sleek look and excellent grip for position and thrust. Lathe turning ensures it meets all standard weight and shape requirements, no matter the competition.